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Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu

Author: admin/17 March 2020/Categories: Drama

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For nearly 200 years historians and storytellers who are disciples of Western and Eurocentric history have portrayed the world-renowned warrior king, uShaka ka Senzangakhona as a bloodthirsty tyrant who was obsessed with war and power. However, decolonised and diversified Afrocentric historical accounts have demonstrated that this not true as King Shaka and his legacy constitute an important foundation and one of the key pillars of the African people’s vision for unity, freedom and national pride. He was a visionary, a patriot, a prophet, a diplomat, a military strategist, a nationalist and a nation-builder who wanted to establish one strong and inclusive nation in southern Africa. He is credited with prophesying that white people, some of whom he had already given shelter, would one day conquer and colonise Zululand, a prophesy that came true a few years later when the white colonialists invaded Zululand and uncompromisingly embarked on a campaign of subjugating all the African peoples of what later came to be known as South Africa.

King Shaka is considered to have been an eminent shepherd of unity who was determined to establish one mighty African Nation. He unfortunately was assassinated before he could realise his vision, in a regicide spearheaded by his brothers Dingane and Mhlangana, assisted by the warrior king’s trusted servant Mbopha ka Sithayi. Upon his death in September 1828, he is believed to have cursed his assassins by warning them that their rule shall be characterised by bloodshed and mayhem. Many still believe that his curse in the face of betrayal by those he trusted most continues to haunt our country until this day. It is clear then that as a nation we need to seriously deliberate about the painful reality of our complicated past before we could confidently map the way forward into a brighter, peaceful and prosperous future. UShaka Zulu is an emotional plea by present generations to the spirit of Shaka to forgive us and bring an end to bloodshed that has engulfed our daily lives despite the attainment of political emancipation. The story is told through the eyes of a praise singer, taking us on a journey of historical imagination to the glorious past and leading us back through exhilarating song, praise poetry and energetic Zulu dancing to a proudly and unapologetically Pan-African future that our ancestors envisaged for us.




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