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Lewis Nkosi’s Mating Birds - Adapted & Directed by Mpho J Molepo

Lewis Nkosi’s Mating Birds - Adapted & Directed by Mpho J Molepo Mating Birds
Date: 24 July – 17 August 2014
Venue: Momentum Theatre
Synopsis: Starring Mr Sputla Sebogodi & Martin Le Maitre. Anyway, very soon now all this will be over. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the priest will intone. I am grateful for one thing, prison after all is not so bad when you are to hang. Much better this isolation, this quarantine which is like the waiting at a small railway station, before the start of a long journey then plucked from the bossom of family and friends and then dispatched to the scaffold. The outside world is a shadow without reality, a patch of blue sky seen through the bars of a prison window, a slash of sunshine caught suddenly in the unnatural silence of a working day, or a swath of moon beam penetrating into a darkened cell through the high window grille at night. The world is a rumor of trains arriving and departing, of ships honking in the black harbour of voices, laughter and a sudden blast. Written and directed by Mpho J Molepo. MATING BIRDS is presented by arrangement with DALRO (Pty) Limited,
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Protest Protest
Date: 18 July – 10 August 2014
Venue: Drama Theatre
Synopsis: This is a drama with music about service delivery protests at a certain (fictional) municipal district in Mpumalanga. The community of this area has had enough of the lack of service delivery of their municipality. They organise themselves andask the Mayor to meet them at the local stadium to discuss the problems that they are faced with. There, at the stadium they wait for the Mayor, who never pitches. In their anger the community goes on a looting rampage, rioting all over the village. They burn shops and burn municipal offices. Riot police are called in to quell the riots, but this only escalates to complete chaos as rioters, other innocent villagers and police are killed. All this is told with characters representing all sectors of the conflict: the politician, the activist, the shopkeeper, the worker, the unemployed civilian. The play is about how the voiceless people find voice in song and violence in the tradition of Marikana and many violent protests around the country. The play serves to examine why South Africans are so quick to resort to violence and examines whether South Africa’s legacy of violence from the Apartheid era can be shaken off or not. It is about the celebration of the right to protest, the right to be heard, all told with some song and dance and didactics, much in the tradition of Brecht’s plays. Writer & Director: Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom, Set & Lighting Designer: Wilhelm Disbergen, Costume Designer: Irene Mathe, Cast: Bongani Masango, Madge Ntamo, Kedibone, Tholo, Pulane Jantjies, Melissa Matshikiza, Mlamla Yiso, Choreographer: TBC, Composer: TBC, Stage Manager: Irene Mathe, Assistant Stage Manager: TBC, Age Restriction: 13 LV.
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Marikana - The Musical

Marikana - The Musical Marikana - The Musical
Date: 29 September - 19 October 2014
Venue: Drama Theatre
Synopsis: Marikana-The Musical is an adaptation by Aubrey Sekhabi of a novel entitled “WE ARE GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER TODAY” The Marikana Story - by Felix Dlangamandla, Thanduxolo Jika, Lucas Ledwaba, Sebabatso Mosamo, Athandwa Saba and Leon Sadiki. Meshack Mavuso and Mpho “Mckenzie” Matome lead a strong cast of 20 that unleashes a blow by blow account of the events that led to the loss of 44 lives at the hands of the police and the miners. Marikana - The Musical will also go back to the villages and townships where they came from and give faces and names to the fallen brothers, sons, fathers and uncles. Twenty years into our democracy, can we say that we are a tolerant society if we can lose so many lives at our own hands? The killing did not start on the day of the shooting and after it started it spread like wildfire and “Tomorrow morning, the men will sing again. Their spears, pangas, inculas and sticks will clatter menacingly. They will recite battle cries from their homelands, and move about in organized columns, raising clouds of dust. But 34 of them will sing for the very last time”. Director: Aubrey Sekhabi, Set & Lighting Designer: Wilhelm Disbergen, Costume Designer: Irene Mathe, Cast: Meshackmavuso, Mpho”Mckenzie”Matome, Emma Mmekwa And Chorus, Choreographer: Thabo Rapoo, Stage Manager: Sechaba Fanampe, Ass Stage Manager: Simon Makam, Age Restriction: 13 LV
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Forgiveness Forgiveness
Date: 22 August - 14 September 2014
Venue: Momentum Theatre
Synopsis: The play Forgiveness is loosely based on an adaption from the Greek tragedy written by Euripides titled Hecuba 424BC. It was first staged at The South African State Theatre for the Youth Xpressions Festival in June 2013 as part of the Drama Competition. Forgiveness is set in the 1990’s during the TRC proceedings. Written and directed by Keamogetswe Moeketsane.
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Reik Na Die Sterre - Die Musical

Reik Na Die Sterre - Die Musical Reik Na Die Sterre - Die Musical
Date: 10 July - 03 August 2014
Venue: Opera Theatre
Synopsis: Reik Na Die Sterre Die Musical is die Grootste Afrikaanse Musical wat Suid-Afrika nog ooit gesien het. Met splinternuwe verwerkings van ou bekende liedjies soos Ek Reik Na Die Sterre, Ruiter Van Die Windjie, Fight For Love en Was Ek Maar `n Digter word die liefdesverhaal van Stefan (Willem Botha) en Jana (Kristen Raath) lewendig op een van ons land se grootste verhoe. `n Asemrowende stel, fantastiese teaterontwerp en choreografie op internasionale standaard sal verseker dat Reik Na Die Sterre Die Musical die grootste gebeurtenis is in 2014!
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